Thursday, October 2, 2014

Race Photo Gone Wrong

I received notice that finish line photos from my recent 5k were available for viewing.  Knowing that such photos of me always fail to impress, I clicked the link with low expectations.  What I found has left me giggling throughout the day.  The organizers included a caveat that photos were tied to race finishing time, so the photos linked to my bib might include others who finished with the same overall time.  Ok, no big deal.

Then I started scrolling through the pictures and quickly realized that I finished with quite a crowd: that guy I chicked right at the finish line, a speedy middle schooler, a 20-something who looked ready to keel over.  Finding myself among the crowd felt a bit like exploring a Where's Waldo book.  Eventually, I found a snippet of my arm, a piece of my skirt, and a glimpse of my face - over someone's shoulder.  The best pic by far, however, was this gem:

Kudos on a great race, sir.
A well-framed photo of this man, who won the 70+ age group and ran a killer race, but definitely not a photo of me.  Fortunately, my friend's husband snapped a photo of me crossing the finish line:

Skirt sparkling, tall form, and from this distance,
you can't see my I-might-puke face.

Needless to say, I won't be purchasing any finish line photos from this event.  What was your best race photo?  Have you ever snagged a good one?


  1. I seriously look like I am going to die in every race photo. What I think I look like running is not what I look like running :)

    1. Isn't that the truth? In my head, I'm all grace and clean lines. In reality, I'm all goofy faces. Good thing there are no style points in running ;) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I've yet to buy a race photo - they leave a lot to be desired :) Luckily my husband has caught a couple of good ones over the years.

  3. Haha! So glad he's been able to snag a few good ones. We spend so much time running, it's nice to have photo evidence of our work! Thanks for stopping by!