Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Morning in the Life

5:07AM = go time
A snapshot of my morning, just another day in the life of this mother runner:

5:07am - Alarm chirps, and I'm able to silence it before its second beep because I'm already awake.
5:13am - Awake, but still not out of bed.  A mental fight with myself to put that first foot on the floor.
5:31am - Dressed and ready to head out the door for a dark but beautiful morning run.
6:07am - In the shower after 3 peaceful and refreshing miles and minimal post-run stretching.
6:23am - Dress, apply mascara, and pack my bag for work.
6:29am - Assemble dinner in the crockpot: chicken parmesan.
6:49am - Morning snuggle time with my wonderfully silly children.
6:55am - Breakfast for the kids while I make coffee (nectar of the gods!) and unload the dishwasher.
7:23am - Dress the kids, brush hair and teeth, find shoes that meet my fashionista 2-year-old's high standards.
7:43am - Kids head off to school while I run to grab the train to work.
8:23am - Realize I never refueled after my run.  Inhale my refrigerator oatmeal while checking e-mail and voicemail at my desk.
8:31am - Refueled and sipping coffee, I'm prepared to face the day ahead.

Busy as it was, this sort of morning fuels my fire.  A morning run makes me infinitely more productive during the day, and counterintuitively, it gives me more energy than if I had spent that extra 40 minutes in bed.  Had I not gotten up for my run, I never would have gotten dinner in the crockpot before work, and I would have faced my usual what-in-the-world-can-we-eat-tonight dilemma at 5:00.

The hardest step of this whole day was putting that first foot on the floor at 5:13am.  After that hurdle was cleared, it was all easy :)