Recipes for the Hungry Runner

I love cooking and baking.  I enjoy experimenting with ingredients, striving to make things from scratch whenever possible.  I like to cook from scratch because I try to be conscientious about the food I feed my family.  While I don't subscribe to any specific school of thought, I try to use whole ingredients, minimize refined sugar, and incorporate fruits and vegetables as often as possible.  I definitely believe that we are what we eat, and if we put junk into our bodies, how could we expect anything other than junk to come from them?  I like to fuel myself with real food so that on the run - and everywhere else in life - I can put forth my best effort.

Semi-regularly, I post recipes that I like and that I return to time and again to feed myself and my family.  You can always search for the Hungry Runner posts on the blog, but here's a ready reference, too:

Granola bars
Chocolate chip cookie bars
Homemade pizza
Green smoothies
Thick and creamy smoothies
Refrigerator oatmeal
Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins

I'm always game for trying new recipes!  If you have others that you think I'd like, leave a comment below.