Who is mama kate?

Welcome to mama kate's little corner of the web, where we like to talk about running, parenting, and life.  I have three small children: Mr. D (age 6), J-Bug (age 4), and the Little Lady (age 1).  Through them, I've discovered what it means to be a mom and a mother runner.  For me, parenthood and running go hand in hand; without the latter, I'd be no good at the former.  You can read about why I started running and why I continue to lace up week after week:

for personal time
to recenter myself
as an example for my kids
to set and achieve goals
for friendships
in honor of those who can't
to enjoy nature
to refocus
for my kids

I love reader feedback!  Let me know what you like, what you dislike, or what topics you'd like to see discussed.  Please leave comments on relevant blog posts, or feel free to e-mail me at mamakateruns AT gmail DOT com.  I promise to respond to all my loyal readers :)