Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hungry Runner: Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

My quest to find runner-friendly snacks continues.  I am shamefully addicted to desserts, so I am always searching for better-for-me sweet treats.  While Google searching, I was thrilled to find the blog Chocolate Covered Katie.  Not only do we share a common first name, we share an interest in healthy dessert options.  I've spent countless hours scouring the pages of her blog and recently had great success making her chocolate chip cookie bars.

At first glance, the inclusion of garbanzo beans seemed a bit wacky.  But in my (admittedly bizarre) mind, since beans are good fiber, I could eat dessert and regulate my colon at the same time.  Win win!  As I've done before, I substituted ground dates for the brown sugar, and the results were overwhelmingly popular.  These cookie bars are moist, sweet, chewy, and delicious.  I did not share the ingredient list with any of my eaters, and they all asked for seconds!  The pan of cookies lasted approximately 24 hours and could have been gone much quicker if we hadn't all gone to school and work.  If I make these on a Sunday, I can guarantee they won't last until Monday.