Friday, April 10, 2015

I Get To

As I stand on the precipice of 26.2, my mind is swirling.  I jump from task to task: preparing race day checklists, doing laundry, ensuring I have the fuel I need, verifying that the rest of the family calendar aligns with race weekend plans.  Amidst it all, I'm feeling surprisingly calm.  I know race day jitters will set in big time on Sunday, but for the moment, I am unexpectedly peaceful.

Earlier this week, I polled my favorite mother runners on Strava, asking their last-minute advice for this rookie marathoner.  I was floored by the amount of terrific advice and overwhelmingly encouraging words I received.  I don't know how anyone could train for a marathon without the support of a full BAMR squad.  Their role in my training success cannot be overstated.

Among the advice I received, which I hope to cull into a separate post, several mentioned to remember my mantra, perhaps even writing it on my arm so I can see it when my energy flags in the later miles.  I love mantras and have several that I pull out when the going gets tough (on a run or in regular life!).  But none of my standards seemed quite right for this moment.  Then it hit me: I get to.  I don't have to; I'm privileged enough to have the opportunity.

The next time I lace up these shoes, they will carry me 26.2!

I get to:

  • spend several hours doing what I love.
  • traipse through my favorite city, exploring the sights in the unique way that only covering the distance on foot allows.
  • soak up the energy of my fellow runners and the fans along the course.
  • see the faces of my sweet family and dear BRF as they cheer for me (at multiple spots!  They are too good to me.).
  • carry the words and well wishes of my amazing Strava friends, strong women who motivate and inspire me daily.
  • test my limits and prove to myself that I can do hard things.
  • finish this journey that began 18 weeks ago in the depths of winter when this glorious spring day seemed so far away.

I get to run a marathon.