Thursday, August 28, 2014

Heat and Humidity

I have been truly spoiled by a very unusual St. Louis summer.  In late July, we enjoyed nearly two weeks of faux fall during which I ran in 60-degree weather, unheard of here in the steamy Midwest.  However, it appears that we've used up all of our beautiful weather, and we are now suffering through an excessive heat warning.  Issued in the middle of last week, the heat warning is due to the combination of high heat index (105-110) and high humidity (over 80%).  With overnight lows barely dipping to the mid-70s, the air in this city is thick, soggy, and suffocating.

We had a 7-miler on deck this past weekend in training for the Rock 'n Roll half.  Though we usually like to sleep in on the weekends and head out around 7:00, we reconsidered due to the heat.  We started around sunrise and got the first four miles in before the sun really started bearing down.  The last three, however, were pretty brutal.  I scanned every stretch of sidewalk for sprinklers and slowed down each time I found one so I could enjoy a brief reprieve from the heat.  After our run, we cooled down with a walk, searching for one last sprinkler to bring our blood pressure back onto the charts.  When we finally found one, we stood in it for several minutes, which surely caused the homeowners (our new favorite neighbors!) to question our sanity.

To stay hydrated during this hot streak, I've been drinking sole each morning.  This saltwater solution helps balance out electrolytes, which I surely need after sweating out buckets during each run.  It could all be in my head, but I think the sole has helped me stay energized and healthy while exercising in the heat.

Have you ever tried sole?  Do you have any other hot weather survival tips?