Thursday, September 25, 2014

Running haiku

Flashback to 1995 for this glimpse of high school mama kate: take a peek into my bedroom, where I am madly scribbling poems while listening to They Might be Giants (on cassette, of course).  Not a runner yet, I loved the freedom of poetry and used it as a creative outlet for teenage angst.  Nowadays, I'm more likely to work off my frustrations on a run rather than in a poetry journal, but I still enjoy creating poetry from time to time.  And I've discovered the perfect poetic form for running: haiku.

Sometimes, especially on long solo runs, I like to compose haikus on the go.  Capturing the feeling of a run in the syllabic restrictions of haiku is a fun way to pass some miles.  Or at least this nerdy runner girl finds delight in doing so :)

Some recent composed-on-the-run haikus:

burning lungs and quads
on dark, silent, moonlit streets
make me feel alive


lacing up at dawn
pushing limits, growing strong
only squirrels to see


How do you like to pass the miles on a long run?  Anyone else use the time to compose poetry?