Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Confessions of a Photo-Challenged Runner

Several months ago when I was considering potential blog topics, I decided to do a series of "seen on the run" posts.  I could occasionally snap pictures during a run and post them to give readers a glimpse of the view on my usual routes.  I had beautiful dreams and detailed plans.  Until I made a startling realization: I stink at taking pictures on the run.  I've taken exactly five pictures while running in 2014.  Five photos over the course of 400 miles; not a promising ratio.

On Strava, I see other runners post pictures of their runs, and I love looking at them.  It's fun to see their scenery, their running buddies, their shoe selfies, and their post-workout smiles.  So why has it proven so hard for me to follow their lead?  First, I'd have to stop running to take the picture, which would kill my splits and consequently drive my poor Type A brain nuts.  Then, I'd have to struggle with the armband that holds my iPhone.  This ill-fitting contraption is a sweat magnet and sliding my phone out and then back in mid-run should qualify as an Olympic sport.

My weak attempt at a post-treadmill run shoe selfie.
(My basement floor looks even nastier on film than it does in real life.
Note to self: do not photograph basement floor.)
Ok, Kate, we get it.  Photos on the run aren't your thing.  But you could certainly snap a shoe selfie or a happy post-run shot, right?  No splits to kill and no unnecessary fumbling with the armband.  In theory, this is absolutely a reasonable and wise idea.  But who wants to see my shoes week after week?  How many different post-workout selfies could I create that anyone would be interested in viewing?  My solution: leave well enough alone and allow others to dominate the running selfie game.  I have many talents, but running photography isn't one of them.  And I'm okay with that.

Are you an on-the-run photographer?  What tips can you share to help the photo-challenged folks like myself?