Thursday, July 3, 2014

July Goals

In the heat of the summer with vacation plans on deck, it seems wise to put a few goals into writing.  I need to keep running this month to stay sane, and posting my goals into the blogosphere will help me feel more accountable.  So here they are, my goals for the month of July:

1.  Run the Innsbrook Independence Day 10k.

I've wanted to run the Innsbrook 10k for a couple of years, but I've been very good at psyching myself out and avoiding the starting line.  This year, I'm going to push myself to make it happen.  I'm a little nervous about 6 miles of relentless hills, but the weather should be perfect this weekend, and I'm ready to push my comfort zone to give it a try.  No set time goal for the race.  I just want to finish it feeling strong and happy.

2.  Log at least 2 (but preferably 3) runs while on family vacation.

We leave for our usual beach vacation in a little over a week, and I've never successfully run on vacation.  I usually have the best intentions but then decide that my running gear hogs up too much precious cargo space.  I'd like to change that pattern this year.  I've checked out our rental location on Strava and planned a few possible running routes.  If I can get out the door 2 or 3 times during our 8-day trip, I will be satisfied.

Can't wait to take my own shoe selfie on the beach soon :)

3.  Take advantage of the long summer days by running at both sunrise and sunset one day.

The idea of a two-in-one running day is very exciting to me.  I've never logged multiple runs in a day, but for some reason, the idea is rather alluring.  During these super long summer days, I should be able to run my usual sunrise loop before the kids wake up and head back out for a sunset victory lap after I tuck them into bed for the night.  My husband will undoubtedly think I'm nuts.  He might be right...

4.  Start training for my fall half on July 28th.

I'll end the month by kicking off the training for the Rock 'n Roll St. Louis half marathon.  I'm still pondering options for our training plan, but I'm looking forward to the challenges and rewards of the training lifestyle.  In the meantime, however, I'll soak up the freedom of my current unstructured running days.

What about you: any specific running plans for the month of July?