Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cross Training

Recently, I've come to realize the power of cross training.  I run four days per week, and at this time, I believe that is the most running my body can handle.  I am extremely cautious and careful to avoid injury since I need my body for so much more than running.

To keep me moving on non-running days, however, I've started doing Pilates, and I'm amazed at how much it has impacted my running.  Pilates has strengthened my core, which I can feel every time I run.  With a stronger core, my posture is improved, and better posture leads to more efficient breathing and speed.  I try to do Pilates 1-2 times per week to increase my strength and to provide a workout source on my non-running days.

I'm not quite here with my Pilates core work yet, but someday...

It has taken me some time to admit that Pilates is actually a workout.  Coming from running only, Pilates (at least the DVD I own) did not feel intense enough to count.  I'm not very sweaty at the end, and my heart rate barely leaves my resting zone.  I've had to teach my brain that workouts can take different forms.  My Pilates is obviously not a cardio workout, but it undoubtedly serves to strengthen my core and increase my flexibility.  Which helps me to be a better runner.  Which makes me a happy camper.