Monday, June 25, 2012

Fitting it all in

An unexpected and urgent house project has completely derailed my running routine.  For the past two weeks, my (barely existent) kid-free time has been spent sanding, painting, staining, and tiling our bathroom.  After staying up past my usual bedtime to work on this project, my alarm sounds angry at 5:00am, and I usually snooze it without a second thought.

Hanging out with these guys rather than running is eroding my sanity.

I'm frustrated that I've not been running as much, but I've been pleased with my ability to sneak in mini workouts throughout my day: planks and wall sits while waiting for a coat of stain to set, yoga during a painting break, sprinting up and down two flights of stairs to retrieve missing tools.  None of these are as satisfying or fulfilling as my early morning miles, but I'm trying to be satisfied with what I have.

And if all goes well, this project should be finished by the end of the week.  Then my running (and our bathroom routines) can return to normal.