Wednesday, June 13, 2012

An Evening Out

Last night, my husband and I enjoyed an all-too-rare evening out without the kids.  We headed to a nice restaurant on the Hill, a famed Italian neighborhood nearby, and I pulled some dressy clothing from the recesses of my closet for the event: cute little black dress, strappy sandals, coordinating jewelry.  Yet while we were driving to our destination, we passed a woman running, and I would have traded her outfits in a heartbeat.

Italian food done right: the Hill boasts St. Louis' best Italian restaurants and bakeries.

Of course, I had a wonderful evening and enjoyed some much-needed adult conversation, but for a brief moment, I wished we were going for a running date instead of a dinner date.  As that thought crossed my mind, I knew I was miles away from the woman I was last year.  I must really be a runner if I would consider trading penne and candlelight for running shoes and a sweaty sports bra.  Maybe we'll have to plan a running date in the future - followed by pasta carryout from our corner Italian eatery, of course.  Best of both worlds!